Glimpse Shampoo

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Product Benefits
Smoothening,Nourishing,Strengthning, Repair Damaged Hair Plant protein Keratingives better absorption and anchoring of proteins to damaged hair with improved flexibility and stronger conditioning .It reduces hair breakage. It helps in smoothening the hair strands. The hair looks full and glossy. The smooth hair are less prone to breakage and helps in new growth.

Xylishinehelps in reinforcement of deep moisturisation of hair fibres and smoothes damaged scales.Helps in bringing back the lost shine and luster of hair strands.

Guar gum is used to seal the moisturizer on the hair.

Avocado oilis high in minerals,fats and antioxidants which are essential for strong and health hair.Fatty acids can help in repair rough and damaged hair by protecting the scalp from environmental factors.It contains minerals like potassium and magnesium which seals cuticle of hair making it smooth and shiny.

Argan Oil is a powerful anti oxidant and contains Vitamin E.Full of fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid.Improves scalp health.Helps in preventing styling and coloring damage.Also protects hair from Sun damage. Also have Aloe vera Cocoa butter to give nourished scalp making hair look healthier shinier and Glossy


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