Is it suitable for dry skin?

  • It is suitable for all skin types, as the face wash consists natural oils and flavonoids which balance skin oils accordingly.

Will it helps in brightening dull skin?

  • Yes, it is designed in such a way that it fights skin stresses with powerful yet soft on skin ingredients and gives a brightening glow.

Will it help in removing dark spots?

  • Yes it will remove dark spots and lighten skin texture.

Is it Paraben and Sulphate free?

  • Yes it is paraben and chemical free.

How frequently it should be used?

  • It should be used twice daily to get visible results in 10-15 days.

Can it remove skin tan?

  • Yes it helps in removing skin tan by providing antioxidant activity and repairing sun damage.

How long it is recommended?

  • It can be made as daily regime for your skin care. You can see visible results in 10-15 days.

How to use it?

  • Put a pea sized face wash on your palm. Apply on your wet face in circular movements and wash it after three minutes.

Is it gel or creamy face wash?

  • Its creamy face wash, which makes skin feel fresh after wash.


When should a person start using Vitamin C serum?

  • A person can start using Vitamin C serum after 25 as environmental stress like pollution, poor diet causes early signs of aging.

Is it suitable for dry skin?

  • Glimpse serum is suitable for all skin types. It won’t make skin oily or dry.

Is it necessary to keep it in refrigerator?

  • Yes, it has to be stored in cool place as vitamin c has tendency to oxidize. Although we have used the most stable form of vitamin c.

Does it is of any help in sun damage and dullness?

  • Yes, it has various ingredients which helps in repairing sun damaged skin and work at various levels to heal and synthesis collagen for faster recovery.

How frequently it should be applied?

  • It should be applied twice daily for desired results.

Does it make skin fair and glowing?

  • If applied diligently twice daily it fights all signs of skin damage and aging and gives radiant  glow and flawless complexion.

Can it be applied with make up?

  • It can be applied before makeup on skin but have to avoid sun light.


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